Lavender Vanilla Toilet Bowl Freshener 2oz | OOPSIE POOPSIE

Lavender Vanilla Toilet Bowl Freshener 2oz | OOPSIE POOPSIE

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Is your toiled bowl the only source of bad smell in the bathroom? Then you need an efficient product like Lavender Vanilla OOPSIE POOPSIE to trap odors.

It is the scents of creamy vanilla along with relaxing lavender flowers which caters a symphony of sweet simplicity. To add more, their delicate jasmine, soft rose, and cool herbal notes which serves you with a state of relaxation. A few sprays can just change the complete environment of your bath space.

 Aromar offers this bathroom toilet spray freshener which blocks bathroom odor at its source. You can simply apply this unique formulated odor to make it smell good. You can consider this and unwind the simple, soothing scent of relaxing lavender blended with warm vanilla. Magic happens when relaxing lavender meets the soothing vanilla. It makes your space feel fragrant and cozy. When you are serious about being comfortable in your restroom, it helps you relax to the max.

Never be ashamed of your poop smell again

Use OOPSIE POOPSIE , your personal Pre-Poo toilet odor eliminator

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