Lemon Bergamot Toilet Bowl Freshener 2oz | OOPSIE POOPSIE

Lemon Bergamot Toilet Bowl Freshener 2oz | OOPSIE POOPSIE

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If you'd like your toilet to smell great always, you need to get this spray. Being a perfect blend of sweet and sour, it makes your senses relax. Just spritz it in the toilet before you go and later you will be left with the gentle scent of lime and coconut. While many aerosol air fresheners available in the market are ineffective, this one comes in concentrated form. Hence, it eliminated the foul odor and help creating a scented environ. Now you don’t need mask bathroom odors with aerosol air fresheners. No more you need to bear the chemical smells which contribute to the problem and spread everywhere. 

Aromar offers you Lemon Bergamot OOPSIE POOPSIE which

  • Ensures highest quality and 100% concentration. 
  • Doesn’t just mask odors but fights off bad odor. 
  • Can be purchased now in plastic bottles. 
  • Perfect to use for home, offices, public areas, hospitals and hospitality purpose. 

Never be ashamed of your poop smell again

Use OOPSIE POOPSIE , your personal Pre-Poo toilet odor eliminator

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